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COVID-19 Update

Here’s where we are with COVID-19 in the United States, what we’ve learned, and how we should approach the next few months of this pandemic.  By Steven Stiefel So, what’s gone wrong in the U.S? Why haven’t the efforts we’ve taken worked in the U.S. to end the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic? And have the EU and other countries such as New Zealand mostly figured out how to effectively combat COVID-19? These are the central points we’ll address in this update. The good news is that the U.S. still has the capability to make COVID-19 go away if … Read More

Trying to Get Pregnant: Pros and Cons of Trying in the Era of Covid-19 [Updated July 28, 2020]

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UPDATED: July 28, 2020   Women who were trying to get pregnant in the days, weeks, and months before the Covid-19 pandemic find themselves facing a difficult question. Should they continue to try to get pregnant in the era of Covid-19? What do the experts say? The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists doesn’t offer specific guidance at this time. Ultimately, “individuals should make their own decisions based on their unique needs, desires, and values.” This means that each woman needs to evaluate, for herself, whether she wants to continue trying to have a baby at this time. It is … Read More

Pragmatic Assessment of Our Future, COVID-19

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In trying to make sense of this pandemic, some of us are still focused on optimistic projections and promising remedies instead of looking at the hard facts. However, an objective view of what the future holds helps us plan accordingly. The goal here is to sift through the noise and determine what will happen next based on what we know for sure about the coronavirus and its recent impact. It’s also helpful to assess the practicality and likely effectiveness of proposed solutions to manage the pandemic. Read More

Boosting Your Immune System During the COVID Pandemic

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Boosting Immunity in COVID

Key Takeaways From This Article: Currently there are NO COVID-19 products, vaccines, or cures approved by any medical organizations such as the CDC or WHO Best way to boost immunity is through key basic steps: healthy diet, regular sleep, stress management Most people who do get COVID-19 will treat themselves from home and should self-isolate themselves from anyone else they live with As scary as the new virus epidemic may seem, we are still in control and can take steps to protect our immune systems and ourselves Note: This article was written with the information that was available at the … Read More

COVID-19’s Impact on Fertility Treatments, Birth Plans, and Pregnancy in America [Updated July 28, 2020]

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COVID-19’s Impact on Fertility Treatments

UPDATE: The American Society for Reproductive Medicine issued an update for April 24 – May 11, 2020. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ASRM called for the suspension of new fertility treatment cycles. This guidance has changed. As many parts of the nation position to re-open in the coming weeks, ASRM encourages patients and doctors to follow local guidance regarding what is permitted and not permitted in each region based on COVID-19 transmission rates, hospital resources, availability of personal protective equipment, and the individual resources each fertility clinic may or may not have available.  What does this mean … Read More

COVID-19: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself from COVID-19 — and the virus that causes this illness.

Virtually every year we’ve been warned about the coming plague—in fact Laurie Garrett wrote The Coming Plague (1995), a book that detailed many outbreaks and warned of future ones. In the 21st Century, we’ve been scared by dire predictions for SARS, swine flu, and Ebola that never fully materialized in America. Read More

You Can Help End the Pandemic in 30 Days: A Flatten to Zero Plan

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YOU CAN HELP END THE PANDEMIC IN 30 DAYS: A FLATTEN TO ZERO PLAN By Denny W. Kwock, President & CEO of Daily Wellness In the 1980’s I worked as a Research Associate at the University of Hawaii’s School of Medicine. A great deal of that research involved characterizing retroviruses and studying their epidemiology at a time when the AIDS epidemic took hold of this nation. Our published research on infection patterns was instrumental in developing blood screening methodologies that culminated in FDA trials on test kits to prevent retroviral infection from donated blood. From that experience, I have identified … Read More